Announcing Sherpa’s New Website

Sherpa Funds Technology is excited to announce the launch of our updated website at  This new site represents one part of our commitment to providing value to global fund management clients over both the web and mobile devices.

The Sherpa Funds Tech team helps our clients implement the most up-to-date, innovative thinking in portfolio construction to improve portfolio outcomes. Or as we think of it, to take “More of the Risk You Want, Less of the Risk You Don’t.”

We designed our new website to make it easier for our clients to benefit from Sherpa’s depth of knowledge and experience helping fund managers implement better portfolio construction processes.

 New Content

Both current and prospective Sherpa clients can access a range of new resources on the Solutions pages of the website.  Case studies, sample portfolio examples and process documentation showcase how the SFT systematic portfolio construction methodology has been successfully applied in hedge funds, large asset managers, sovereigns, alpha signal providers and more.  Today these resources focus on applications for Long/Short, Long-Only and External Alpha portfolio managers. In the future we look forward to elaborating on applications for other strategies as well.

 New Blog

Additionally, we’re relaunching the Sherpa Insights blog to provide a hub for portfolio construction information and SFT updates.  Look out for upcoming posts discussing challenges PMs face while creating their portfolios and Sherpa’s process-driven approach to systematic portfolio construction.

To be updated whenever we publish new content you can sign up for our new SFT Mailing List.

 New Ways to Connect

Lastly, the new website contains a range of new integrations to foster improved communication with our clients.  Clients can connect with Sherpa on social channels including LinkedIn, Twitter or the Harvest Exchange or directly via the site.  As a group we look forward to regularly discussing, updating and sharing our thoughts on portfolio construction best practices to help our clients remain at the cutting edge of the space.

 Stay Updated

Look out for more updates and announcements soon on our Insights page or via the SFT Mailing List.

We also always welcome any questions, suggestions or comments at [email protected].